Make Your Traditional Lipstick Last All Day

Traditional lipstick is one of the most common beauty items you'll find in just about any girl's purse. Since the dawn of prehistoric times, humans have always had the need to distinguish themselves among others, using all kinds of facial paints to decorate themselves. Everyone from your mom, to your grandmother, to Marilyn Monroe has been in this situation: Your freshly applied lipstick looks fabulous. Then you take a bite of food or a sip of coffee and bam! That rich shade of red is now on your mug, burger, or worse yet, your teeth! Your poor lips are left with a faded hue that looks like a bad impostor of your original look. Is there nothing you can do to save yourself this slight embarrassment? Luckily, we have some tips. Follow them and we're sure your lips will be as striking and bold as they were when you first applied your favorite lipstick. One of the most important parts of this is a tissue. You'll see why....

  1. Exfoliate. Before application, make sure that your lips are clear of any dry, cracked skin. You can use a fancy lip exfoliator, but a washcloth works well in a pinch.
  2. Keep those lips from getting cracked and dry in the first place by applying a thin layer of moisturizing balm. Make sure that whatever you're using does not contain alcohol or any other drying agents. Use a tissue to blot away any exess balm.
  3. Utilize concealer. Do a quick pat of concealer or foundation all over and around your lips to give the lipstick something extra to adhere to, but be sure to use a very light hand. Blot with a tissue to remove any excess product.
  4. Grab your lip liner. Line the outer lips first, then work the liner towards the center of your lips. This provides a nice layer of color to which your lipstick can furtheer bind. If you chose a lighter or brighter color in the center, you can even create a gorgeous ombre lip! Blot again.
  5. Evenly apply the first layer of lipstick. You can swipe directly from the tube, und then use a short bristled fluffy brush to really work the color into your lips. Blot again. Twice!
  6. Take a fresh tissue, try to split apart the layers, so that you are left with an incredibly thin and sheer tissue, down to one ply. Hold it over your lips, and use a brush or powder puff dipped into translucent blotting/setting powder (this is important, because you don't want to dull the color) and lightly apply the powder through the tissue.
  7. Apply one last coat of lipstick. Blot if you prefer a truly matte or transfer proof finish, or leave as is. Voila! All day gorgeous lipstick!

This tried and true method should have your lips looking stunning throughout the day. Keep in mind that using a high quality, richly pigmented lipstick, such as Runway Rogue matte or satin finish lipsticks, is really important to get a true, rich deposit of color. If it seems like a lot to go through and you're super busy, you could consider switching to liquid lipstick, which is made to last all day with just one application and a few minutes of setting time. The downside of most long wear liquid lipstick formulas is the dryness, but not if you are using Runway Rogue's long wear liquid lipstick Pearl Glam. It comes in 6 gorgeous shimmer-matte shades that last up to 8h with one application and doesn't feel dry!

So whichever method strikes your fancy, Runway Rogue has the lippie for you! Because Life is Your Runway....

June 04, 2018

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