10 Must-Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer: The one time of the year where it's appropriate to drink out of a piece of fruit! It has finally arrived, and you will undoubtedly be busy with pool parties, beach trips and backyard barbecues. Everybody loves summer, but the fun times and hot weather can bring a particular set of challenges to your beauty routine. So here are 10 essential beauty products for summer 2018 that will keep the good times rolling!

  1. Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen
    This is great to even out your skin tone on those no-makeup days in the sun. With 50 UPF protection, it shields you from damaging UV rays so that you won't look like a lobster!
  2. Almay Foundation and Self-Tanner
    This reasonably priced two-in-one product is perfect to take along on your vacation. Natural-looking tan lasts up to three days after initial application.
  3. Trish McEvoy Bronzer and Highlighter
    Contour your face while giving your complexion a beautiful glow by applying this terrific bronzing powder and highlighter combo.
  4. Runway Rogue Pearl Glam Long Wear Liquid Lipstick
    This durable, waterproof liquid lipstick will last you all day without making your lips feel like the Sahara! The shimmer matte finish is perfect for summer, and there are many amazing shades that will keep you looking fabulous. We recommend Go See, a soft pink color with silver and gold shimmer that sets the tone for your style. Dayrate will turn heads with its shimmering coral red hue that makes a lasting impression. For those wanting a more subtle option, go with Soft Box, a pale nude with just the right amount of shimmer to let your lips pop without being distracting.
  5. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer
    This strong, lasting lacquer will have your nails looking immaculate.
  6. Runway Rogue High Shine Lip Gloss
    This comes in seven stunning shades that range from a faint sheer to semi-opaque. You'll love how it moisturizes your lips on hot days without becoming a sticky mess.
  7. Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray
    Not everything about summer is the best. Humidity can downright wreck your hair if you're not prepared. Take the necessary precaution by spraying some of this anti-frizz product before you step outside. It'll keep your hair smooth and exactly how you want it to look.
  8. Conair Perfect Pony Kit
    Get the coveted Ariana Grande pony faster than the time it takes to sing the chorus of "Into You."
  9. Secret Aluminum-Free Deodorant
    An undeniable truth about the season is that it gets hot! This aluminum-free deodorant not only keeps you dry and smelling nice, but it's cruelty-free, which is even better!
  10. Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance
    Featuring notes of jasmine, sea spray and mandarin, this alluring perfume will become your go-to scent anytime you need a spritz of the season.
August 06, 2018
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