Liquid Lipstick vs. Classic Lipstick

Liquid lipstick has risen sharply in popularity recently. It provides many benefits over traditional lipstick and Runway Rogue is at the forefront of the market, offering beautiful, unique shades with alluring shimmers or matte finishes that last much longer than the bullet variety. Let's go through how liquid lipstick compares to regular lipstick and how our liquid varieties could be a fun, new option for you.

Liquid Lipstick

The first thing that you will notice about most liquid lipsticks is that they usually feature bold pigmentation. This means a single layer of application is all that is needed for a striking color. This can be great when you're looking to walk into a room and command immediate attention. There are situations, however, where you want something a bit more muted. This is where Runway Rogue steals the show. We offer both daring hues and the subtler shades that many of our competitors can't provide. Check out "Soft Box" a shimmery pale nude, and "Go See" a shimmery soft pink, and you'll find that there is nothing else out there that compares. Runway Rogue customers are totally in love with our shimmer-matte finishes. These finishes make lips appear fuller, and they reflect a greater amount of light without looking like a disco ball. This makes for an elegant, shimmering style that doesn't cross the line into garish or tacky.

Liquid lipsticks also don't fade or wear off throughout the day, so touchups aren't as necessary. In fact, with a single application of one of our liquid lipsticks, you can enjoy up to eight hours of wear! The key is to apply them correctly, by starting with well exfoliated lips. A light layer of balm or lip primer makes for a smoother application, just be sure that it's nothing too oily, because it will affect the long wear of the product. A thin, single layer of liquid lipstick will do, and then LEAVE YOUR LIPS ALONE for 3 to 4 minutes. Don't try to rub, smack or blend the product during this time. Voila! Up to 8h wear! The added bonus of using our Runway Rogue liquid lipsticks is that you get all that long wear without the feeling of dryness. Then, simply use an oil-based solution for quick and easy removal.

Traditional Lipstick

Regular lipstick has stood the test of time. It has been a staple in a woman's beauty routine for decades! It comes in a near endless amount of colors, and you can also remove it with merely a damp cloth or paper towel. Unfortunately, this also means that you'll likely have to touch it up a few times throughout the day. The upside is that you can blend it, layer various colors and even top with gloss. The downside is that any wax based formula will fade faster and is usually not transfer resistant. However, Runway Rogue formulas are made with only the highest quality pigments, which means that our bullet versions will definitely last longer than many other brands, but may stain your lips a little due to the superior adherence of our pigments. Since most of our customers seem to love that side effect, at leaves us unconcerned:)

Neither liquid nor traditional lipstick is "better" for all situations. They each have their place in your beauty kit. We do think that you should give Runway Rogue liquid lipstick a try, though. It's many benefits may surprise you in a wonderful way. Here is a link to some of our liquid varieties. Be sure to check out the application tips! It'll help you adjust. Keep those lips looking fab!

August 23, 2018


RIta said:

I have been using these lipsticks for a few months and just love them. They stay on longer and give your lips a great shimmer.

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