Shop the Runway Rogue range of moisturizing lipsticks in shimmery or matte styles. Runway worthy - made for real life!

SATIN SHIMMER CREME LIPSTICKS Experience this new generation of creamy, sultry, soft shimmer lipsticks in a buildable formula, revealing the secret to lips that capture and reflect light for sexy, fuller looking lips. The easy glide, non-drying formula leaves lips with pearlescent pigments that create multi-dimensional shine. Available in a range of shimmery pinks.

90's VIBE COLLECTION Matte meets moisture in the lipsticks inspired by the most iconic 90's makeup looks! Formulated with proprietary nourishing oils for you to recreate a modern 90's look that has lasting color with a matte finish. Available in a range of nude, berry, red, and merlot shades.

CLASSIC LIPSTICK A collection of classic lipsticks featuring the brightest shades of red and orange.