Runway Rogue Customer Reviews

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Love this product.

This is the first lipgloss I have ever had that really really stays on. I love the color to it's perfect.

Feeling powerful

When I wear this color I feel more powerful lol ..and a bit sultry
I wore it cycling too and got caught in a rain shower stayed on perfectly no smear wow ! 💋

My favorite color!

I am reviewing the color “Chameleon”. This color is my favorite! On me, it’s not as dark as it is on the model in the picture, but it is definitely a slightly sun kissed-rose color. It’s very similar to my natural lip color, so it’s really easy to pair with casual wear with a touch of glam. I love how glossy it is. It has such a beautiful shine! Not terribly long lasting as it is a gloss, but I don’t mind that. I like this color and formula better than the other set of gloss colors. Not that the other one is bad, but this one strikes my fancy better.

Not as glossy as the picture

I am reviewing the color “ready to wear”. So I do like it—only complaint is that it’s not as glossy as I thought it would be. It’s pretty pigmented and shiny. It’s a pretty versatile shade of brown, but sometimes when the light catches it, it looks pink and I’m not sure why that is. But it is a pretty color, but not as glossy as the other gloss colors.


I am reviewing the shade “call my agent”. So I love this color! I ordered it to match a pair of earrings I purchased recently for a Halloween vibe. And this color is perfect! It takes some extra attention when applying this liquid lipstick to fill in the middle of my lower lip (where no lipstick wants to stick, thus leaving a blatant patch of bare lip in the middle), but it does a decent job of covering it up! I love how it goes on very smooth and liquidy, and dries matte. I will enjoy this one!

Trophy Wife

Beautiful lipstick. A bit light for me, so I ordered Jet Set which is also Beautiful and
More pigment for me. Really Lovely and lasts, while being very comfortable on the lips.


Great shade of lipstick!
Highly recommend


Love the color and texture of this outstanding lipstick.



Wonderful shine as pictured but...........

It does not wear well and dries out your lips and cracks.


Just what I needed, perfect color subtle but noticeable

Sex symbol

I love this color! It's perfect!! Stays on all day but easy to remove at night. I'm on my second order and they better not cancel this color!!

So soft and pretty

Love this lipstick. Very soft, and looks so sexy…

Lip liner that matches

I bought this lipliner for one color but found it goes get with my other one I bought.

A color that takes a double

When I got this color I was afraid it be too dark but when I put it on the color was what I wanted. If you want it darker then putting extra coat after it had dried.

A little shine

I love the color on this lipstick and it does stay on. It is very easy to put on and I am not a lipsticks person.

Soft Box Creme

After years of looking and spending money on tubes & tubes of lipstick, I feel like I am finally home!! The colors, texture, cost, the lasting color on my lips is outstanding!! I'm ready to start exploring their other products now. This is MY shop for lipworks. You won't be disappointed.

Callback lipstick 💄

To light for me ...My skin is little tan..

Pink box

At first, I didn't know if I just liked it or loved it. I have gotten a few compliments on it, it's not real bright, but it's very long lasting.!!! And now I love it!!! I normally don't wear lipstick just gloss that last line 40 mins. Will totally buy again. I've honestly never had anything last that long through drinking and eating. Wow !!!


Nice quality, goes on smoothly

A Good Product

While I like the color of this lipstick it is not as rosy toned as I would like. More on the bronze side which makes me look washed out. I found the picture to be a little deceiving. It does last and has no smell or taste.

Perfect color!!

Goes perfectly with Soft Box. These are the best lipsticks I have ever used and the lip liners give even greater staying power. Runway Rogue’s customer service is second to none! I highly recommend.

Garnet lip pencil

It is difficult to find a color close to Garnet but this is fabulous. It glides on and lasts. It goes perfectly with my lipstick and presents a very nice finished look

Gorgeous Color

I love this color. It’s red without a heavy duty punch and it’s perfect. The only thing I didn’t like was how drying it felt. When I said this in an e-mail Patricia suggested I use a lip balm first. I worked beautifully.

Love it !

I bought the lip liner and the liquid lipstick and I love it! I have recommended them to family and friends.