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Meet Patricia
My dearest makeup lovers,

Some of us come into this world equipped with a deep knowledge about how we want to spend our years on the planet. You hear about many iconic artists who pursued their passion at a very young age, and went on to follow their dream and impact the world tremendously.

Not me. As a child, I did not dream of having a career as a supermodel (if I even knew what that was)….but my mother tells me that it was evident very early on that I had a passion for makeup. When I was 3 years old and barely tall enough to see myself in the bathroom mirror, I used to stand on my tippy toes and try on my mother’s colorful lipsticks. She tells me that many of them gradually migrated to a hiding place under my bed:)

Fast forward 15 years, and I found myself walking the international runways for the world’s top designers and shooting prestigious ad campaigns and magazine covers.

Runway Rogue founder and creator of our lip productsFounder
Patricia Hartmann

During interviews I was always asked which aspect of being a successful supermodel I loved the most. The travel to exotic locations? The gorgeous fashion? Yes, I loved all those things, but my favorite aspect of modeling remains the same as it was when I was a little girl: I simply love the makeup.

I see makeup as a gateway to experimentation, creative expression, and confidence to pursue the life you want to live. The life you dreamed of when you were three years old. The life you still dream of today, and actively create in every moment.

I started Runway Rogue to open the floodgates of passionate playfulness to women and men around the world. Our mission is to provide high-performance cosmetics, and since my passion for lip products has never waned, I decided to begin this journey by creating gorgeous shades in different textures, so you can refine and experiment with your personal Attitude of Beauty. Seriously, what’s more fun than experimenting with lip colors?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that you love our cosmetics, and use them to be the best ‘you’ there ever was.

Patricia Hartmann signature

Patricia Hartmann signature
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