Struggling to find your perfect nude lipstick? We can help!

Find The Perfect Nude Lipstick that Flatters Your Skin Tone!

The right nude shade will make your skin look alive, add a sparkle to your eyes and will work with pretty much everything, from that snazzy business suit to your favorite Jeans & T-shirt combo. The secret? Your skin's undertone! Don't know your undertone? Check out our helpful chart below!

skin undertone chart

We picked 4 of our favorite nude lip products below to match with your skin's undertone. Check them out and see which is a fit for you!


1. 90s Vibe Lipstick in "Guest List"
guest list lipstick
If you're looking for the classic pale nude, then 'Guest List' is the move! This moisturizing matte lipstick works best on fair to medium skin tones with a neutral undertone. Pair it with our 'Nude Awakening' Designer Liner, and you got yourself a match made in heaven!


2. Silk Glam Liquid Lipstick in "Paparazzi"
paparazzi liquid lipstick
Silk Glam 'Paparazzi' liquid lipstick looks amazing if you have a warm or olive undertone to your skin, because the nude base has just a hint of peach, and a subtle luminous finish to it that captures and reflects light. The long wear formula is transfer proof and only comes off when you want it to!


3. Velvet Glam Liquid Lipstick in "90s Nude"
90s nude liquid lipstick
Craving the matte but not the flat? This gorgeous mauve with just a hint of spice liquid lipstick is the perfect choice if you have a cooler undertone to your skin. The Velvet Glam '90's Nude' will give you that coveted classic 90s lip look that is all the rage right now!


4. Luxgloss Lip Gloss in "Ready to Wear"
ready to wear lip gloss
The perfect neutral does exist in a lip gloss formula! Our LuxGloss in 'Ready to Wear' is a shade that works for all undertones, because it has equal amounts of warm and cool tones. It's a beautiful suede mocha nude  that leaves your lips soft, supple and glistening.

Now that you've found your perfect nude, grab it, apply it and rock it!

Team Runway

March 15, 2022

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